The NADA Policy

N - No cash. We will never under any circumstances accept cash from a client, customer, or vendor.

A - Announce agency. From our first substantive client meeting, we will always announce agency using written documentation and verbal communication to explain our role in representation

D - Disclose material defects.  We will always and immediately disclose material defects of a property regardless of agency representation.  Material defects are those that are apparent to the senses of a reasonable person and could, if known, affect a decision or choice of a customer or client.

A -  Acquire knowledge. We will always know our continuing education requirements and deadlines.

The YES Strategy

Y - You. You are the center of your business. Just as real estate is sold locally. You must market and brand yourself as an agent first before initiating broader marketing strategies.

E - Expert. Assume the expert role. Make yourself "The Neighborhood Expert", "The Condo Expert", "The 1st Time Buyer Expert".  Assume the role you need in order to market to the client you want.

S - Simplify.  Once a customer becomes a client, simplify their options to match their and your objectives.

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