The majority of the templates in this kit are Google Documents. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can download the entire kit here in Microsoft PowerPoint formats. 

If you do have a Gmail account, here are the links to the individual templates: 

Read below for some helpful tips on using these templates.

Directions – Google Documents

Once you are finished with a file, select Download as > PDF (for printers) or Download as > JPEG image (for posting on social media) to ensure great image quality.

Directions – Magnetic Calendar

Once you are finished with a file, select Download as > PDF to ensure great image quality. We recommend printing the calendar with Vistaprint.

Some Do's and Don'ts

Don't order too late. Mistakes happen and you want to leave yourself enough time to get a problem fixed, especially if you’re ordering cards customized with your photo or a personalized printed message. We recommend you have the cards a good week or so before you want to send them out. 

Do print on a nicer paper stock. We recommend going at least one weight higher than the standard paper the service provides. For example, we have found that the “premium matte stock” from our Vistaprint Portal is a noticeable improvement over simply the “matte stock”, with minimal differences in cost. With more economical printers, jumping up a bit in weight or quality of paper will make a big difference.

Don't offend anyone. Just showing non-denominational images like a reindeer or a champagne bottle signals the spirit of season, but doesn’t acknowledge your clients who observe the holidays religiously. Sending more religious seasonal images can irk people who aren’t religious. If you don’t know where your clients stand, the generic “Happy Holidays” works. Another option is skipping the holidays and sending New Year’s Cards broadly, and then only sending Christmas or Hanukkah cards to people you know well. 

Do send your cards a little early or a little late. The bulk of cards arrive in a small window, roughly the week between Christmas and the New Years. You might have a better chance of making an impression if you time your mailing around less busy dates.

Don't forget to send some sort of greeting. Whether its a printed piece or an e-card, it is a big mistake to not reach out to your best clients and leads. If you're running close to the holiday, an e-card is totally acceptable and has become very normal. Paperless Post and JibJab are some options to send e-cards.

Do send personal messages/gifts to your best clients. Get to know your clients' personal preferences, just like you do with friends and family. The holiday season is a great time to personalize their card, their message, or add a gift to the card to really stand out and make your greetings special. One of our agents handmade an apple pie for her client for Thanksgiving, just because she loved it! Be creative and go the extra mile.

This kit is a working document. Have any templates you’d like to see? Please let us know at

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