We work hard to track all of your income over the course of the year so that you can be properly taxed. Buoyed by Real's support team and a third party CPA, throughout the year, we do the work to make this process a breeze.

When you sign on to become a Real agent, we'll ask you to fill out a W9. This ensures we have your Social Security Number or Employer ID Number, your current address, and correct spelling of your full name or business name is on file. You are only required to do this once but you may have to update your W9 with us once in awhile. Here are some instances in which you should send us an updated W9:

  • Your primary address is changing.

  • You're changing your name.

  • You established yourself as an LLC.

If you do any of these things and forget to file a new W9 with us prior to the tax year ending, don't worry! You can send us the new information and we'll get it corrected as best we can. 

Commonly, Real agents move and their 1099 doesn't make it to them. Other reasons you may not receive a 1099 include:

  • Our records show that your income with Real was less than $600, which is the required amount earned to report.

  • It was lost in the mail.

Didn't get your 1099? Just email support@joinreal.com or send us a chat, we'll investigate the matter and get your 1099 to you via PDF as needed.

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