While you may not have an office you can just walk into, with Real you can get on-demand support in the best way for you. Since Real has agents on both coasts, we also keep longer hours.

The support team includes transaction specialists, board & MLS experts, tech support agents, brokers for compliance questions, and more.

How can I start a chat with Real Support?

In your Real app, head to My Profile > Support > Chat with Support to start a conversation with us.

Pro-tip: Started a chat and need to go back to it? When you select Chat with Support, you can scroll through the chats and messages we've sent you in chronological order by last response.

How can I email Real Support?

If email is your preferred way of communication, feel free to send an email to us at: support@joinreal.com.

How can I reach Real Support by phone?

Currently, chat is the fastest way to receive the help you are needing. However, we want Real agents to be able to reach out by phone and get a Real staff member when they need. You can find the Support Line phone number in your Welcome Email and in your Real app. Select My Profile > Support > Broker & Office Info to locate our number under Real HQ.

Pro-tip: The Real HQ Support Line, also receives SMS.

What if I have a question for my broker?

Part of what makes Real attractive to brokers is they are able to shine with all of their transactional and compliance knowledge. Our brokers are able to support dozens of agents each day because Real has been able to scale the administrative work that can sometimes take up the entire day of a traditional broker.

When you have a question you think your broker needs to answer, shoot the support team a chat, or email us at support@joinreal.com or call us. If we know the answer (and we know a lot!), we'll get it to you right away. If it turns out your broker is needed, our team will loop them in to get you answers quickly and efficiently.

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