Generating digital leads can be an important way to supplement your book of business. But turning digital leads into clients takes a different approach. People don’t know you yet, and because they’re online, they expect fast response. So you need to be prepared and ready to make or take that call. Here are 36 ways to work your lead.  

      When filtering in Opcity:

  1. Make sure you have the right zip codes and radius for the range – too large of an area is not good. The leads come fast, and it will be hard to work them if you are driving all over town.

  2. Also include if you want to work with leases – this is more immediate income.

    When first speaking with the lead:

  3. Introduce yourself and your company

  4. Ask them to repeat their name

  5. Speak clearly! Make caller feel important! Listen! Sound friendly and upbeat!

  6. If you are driving or at a crowded place, please be safe first and foremost. Explain the situation and ask to return the call in a timely manner. Tell them when you will get back to them.

  7. It is important to update the information in Opcity or your account will go red and you will not get more business.

  8. You can add information to the back office 24/7

  9. Ask if they have they spoken to a mortgage professional. The lead needs a prequalification letter for searching for houses.

    If a lease, the rental amount should factor to 3x, ie 2000 rental monthly income is 6000 to lease property.  Make sure this is not an issue before you start looking.

    Ask open ended questions to get them talking and build rapport:

  10. Are you currently working with an agent? Do you have a buyer/tenant representation agreement?

  11. What type of home are you looking for?

  12. What do you like about homes like that?

  13. Have you been looking?

  14. If yes, how long have you been looking for a home?

  15. How soon do you need to move?

  16. Have you seen anything you like? Tell me about it.

  17. What kept you from buying it?

  18. Why are you moving right now?

  19. How soon can we get together?

  20. What price range do you have in mind?

  21. How did you decide the amount?

  22. Have you been prequalified?

  23. Do you need some mortgage lenders contact information?

  24. What neighborhood are you interested in?

  25. What other homes have you seen advertise or driven by that you would like information on?

  26. What features do you want most in your new home?

  27. What is the maximum drive time to work?

  28. Who will be living in the home?

  29. How many bedrooms, baths?

  30. Are schools important to you?

  31. What about recreational activities and hobbies?

  32. Where are you living now?

  33. What attracted you to your current home?

  34. Do you need to sell?

  35. Is your home on the market?

  36. When does your lease end?

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