Effective October 6, 2020 Chuck Fleischer, will no longer be the broker of record for Real Broker, LLC in the state of Texas. We are pleased to announce Michael Yarrito as our new broker of record. The office license number 9003138 remains the same and Michael's license number is 491108. Below are frequently asked questions during the transition period:

Will my commission structure change at Real?  

No. Your commission split and cap remains the same. 

Can I still negotiate my own contracts, including length of contract at commission? 

You can keep negotiating your commission. As long as you are complying and following the law, we want you to do your business as you feel is best. 

Will I need to change my yard signs? 

No. Nothing will change on your yard signs or marketing materials in Real Broker LLC. 

Will I need to change my business cards and marketing materials? 

No. Nothing will change on your marketing materials or business cards. 

Who do I contact if I need help? 

As always, reach out to the support team through your app, by email at support@joinreal.com. Support will make sure you get an answer and connect you directly with Michael via chat for conversations that need your broker.

What will happen to my board/MLS membership? 

Your board/MLS membership will not be impacted. We will also be joining additional associations in the coming days.

Will I need to notify my association? 

No. In the application process we are notifying each association of the change and they will automatically put you under Michael Yarrito.

What documents do I need to update?

The IABS on your Real website will update automatically. We encourage you to review any documents you have pre-saved to ensure they reflect your new broker's information (i.e. IABS, contract templates, listing templates etc.)

What happens with my deals under contract with Real and Chuck as the broker of record?  

They will continue to close as always. If they are under contract with Chuck as broker, no changes are needed as he was the broker under which the contract was executed.

What happens to my active listings?  

They remain intact.

**If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to support using the chat bubble below or Support chat in your Real app.

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