Real partnered with Chime in 2018 and made their Accelerator Plan available to agents at a deep discount. You can take advantage of their platform as an active agent with Real today. Simply email or send us a chat below to get started.

What is Chime?

Chime CRM is a customer management tool ideal for real estate professionals. It enables users to generate and get more leads, develop action plans, manage team tasks, and forecast business performance.

How much does Chime cost?

As a Real agent, you'll pay only $25/month to use Chime. As a contracted team leader or member of a contracted team at Real, Chime is free to use. (That's a savings of up to $475/month!)

How can I learn more about Chime?

Chime created a demo of their product and all the awesome things it can do. Register for and watch the demo right here!

What features do I get with the Real + Chime partnership?


  • Home Evaluation Page

  • IDX Website

  • Subdomain Websites

  • Pocket Listing Creation Tool 

  • Website Sold Listings

  • Full Content Management System for the Website

  • Full Function Blog

  • Neighborhood Introduction Pages

  • Website Market Trend


  • 40K Emails/month

  • Family Information

  • Bulk Email Messages

  • Bulk Text Messages (w/ Dialer Purchase)

  • Customized Sales Pipeline

  • Full Feature Mobile Client Relationship Management Tool

  • Automated Smart Actions

  • Recurring Emails/Texts

  • Team Chat (w/Dialer Purchase)

  • Team Document Storage

  • Lead Routing

  • Multi-role Assignment

  • Sales Tracking & Reporting

  • Smart Retention System

  • Round Robin and Blast

  • Smart Plan Library

  • Smart Dynamic Lead Scoring

  • Full Funnel Business Forecasting

  • Team Performance Analytics

  • Transaction Management (with dotloop integration!)

How do I update my payment method for my Chime membership?

Schedule a quick call with our support team, and we will take care of it via Zoom!

  1. Go to

  2. Select a Date and Time

  3. Click "Confirm"

I need help with my Chime account. How do I get in touch with Chime support?

Chime's support hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific. They can be reached by phone at 855-981-7557 or by email at

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