Keeping an updated and compliant signature is essential when working in real estate. We offer guidelines to ensure your signature is looking professional, consistent, clean and elegant. Your signature will be viewed by leads, clients, agents, your broker--and anyone to whom your email is forwarded. 

What is the purpose of an email signature?

Email signatures are a quick and easy way to locate contact information, create brand awareness and relay relevant information.

What should my email signature include?

  • Your Name

  • Your License no.

  • Company Name on License

  • Company License no.

  • Company Address on License

  • Company Phone no.

Where do I find my company information for my email signature?

To find your company information in your Real app Select My Profile → Support → Broker & Office Info

How do I create an email signature on my email account?

Click here if you have Gmail and Google Admin accounts (such as
Click here if you have use Outlook for your email.
Click here if you use Yahoo for your email.

Not seeing your email host or system? Use Google or your favorite search engine. Try "how to set up email signature [INSERT YOUR EMAIL HOST/SYSTEM NAME HERE]" 

Where do I find Real logos to use for my signature?

You may email Real's logo directly to your inbox via your Real Agent app.
Select My Profile → Document Library → Marketing → Logos.
There you will find the image files in JPG and PDF format.

Can I see an example of an agent signature? 

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