What Brokers & Teams Need to Know 

The Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) has approved a New Team Advertising Rule that will impact brokerage office procedures and team advertising. Brokers and teams have until July 1, 2019 to comply, but it's not too early to prepare.   


  • Real estate team or group names shall NOT include words suggesting the team or group is a separate real estate brokerage or company... Continue reading

  • “Team or group advertising” shall mean a name or logo used by one or more real estate licensees who represent themselves to the public as a team or group.

  • All advertising must be in a manner in which consumers would know they are dealing with a team or group.

  • In advertisements containing the team or group name, the team or group name shall not be in larger print than the name of the registered brokerage.

  • This rule applies to all advertising.   


  • Brokers are required to designate a team member per team that is responsible for insuring that the advertising is in compliance with the above requirements.

  • Brokers must maintain a current list of each team member updated monthly.    Resources 


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