We are in the early days of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US. The situation is changing rapidly and will affect every one of us. Real is taking action and urges you to take action with the long game in mind. We are in this together. 

What we are doing:

  • Real corporate staff have been working from home since March 9, 2020. As a tech-powered brokerage, we already had the systems and processes in place to work remotely. The transition was smooth, and we anticipate no interruptions to your service. A Real staff member will be at our New York headquarters every day to receive mail.

  • We are still working through all final requests from the TSXV (stock exchange) as well as completing final administrative steps for a public stock listing. The turmoil in financial markets related to COVID-19 is affecting all investors' mood and we are hopeful that our plans will not be affected by those market conditions.

What you can do: 

  • Please abide by CDC recommendations and stick to official, firsthand sources for your information. 

  • Substitute video for live meetings. Google Hangouts and Zoom are two recommended programs to communicate virtually.

  • Use video tours for your listing or to preview properties for your buyers. Post videos on your social media accounts or share videos via email/text.

  • Check in with your prospects. Like you, your clients will be dealing with school closings and economic uncertainty. A quick, personal check-in helps. 

  • Step up and exhibit leadership in your community in unexpected ways. For instance, many restaurants are closed for customers but open for takeout. Organize a local “order-in” campaign to help them out. 

  • Prepare your marketing now for the post-pandemic normal. 

There is no playbook for this pandemic, but every step you take now will have impact. Please join your colleagues in the Real Community (in your Real app) for ongoing discussion.

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