If you are motivated to build your own business, you are independent, self-driven and comfortable with working online and you’d like to keep more of your commission while also accessing free, best-in-class technology tools and great support, then Real could be the brokerage you’re looking for.

While traditional brokerages take a large portion of your commission and discount brokerages skimp on support and charge hidden fees, Real provides a larger commission split (85%, with the ability to earn 100% for the remainder of the year after reaching an annual cap) and no hidden fees.

Real can offer both great support and a great split because we cut our own overhead. We are not a franchise so there are no franchise fees, and we use technology and data to automate and optimize processes.

Through an innovative app, agents have the power to grow their own brand, make their own schedules, and work from anywhere, anytime. The app itself gives agents access to transaction documents, marketing materials, a CRM, the latest listings, on-demand real-time support, and even the ability to build a beautiful, custom website and generate a Facebook business page in a few taps.

This is what Real offers today. Tomorrow will be different because Real, along with agents and consumers, is always innovating.

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