Real’s dashboard has been rebuilt to give you real-time insight into your business.


The snapshot section gives you an overview of your current business: your anniversary date, your pipeline, your most recent transactions, and your cap status.

Don’t see the right numbers on your pipeline? All data is since your anniversary date. Here’s how the data is calculated:

Active listings = listings you have in SkySlope that are not under contract

Pending = transactions you have in SkySlope that are under contract

Closed = listings you have in SkySlope that are closed

Transactions will list your two most relevant deals, based on recent activity or a forthcoming closing. Tap “See more” to see all of your transactions.

Your cap updates once a listing is closed and completed. Once you reach 100%, your next goal will be to earn Real’s Elite Agent status.


Your performance section allows you to track your business history with Real. Look at your income, commission and revenue share by month, quarter or year, dating back to when you joined Real.

Your total income is a sum of net commission and revenue share earnings.

Under both your commission and revenue share, you will also be able to view any shares that you received from our stock purchase plan or for attracting agents.

I don’t see any stats on my dashboard. What’s up?

If you have not done any business with Real yet, you will be displayed a simpler dashboard to help you navigate the Real app. After you close your first transaction, your dashboard will update with all of your key data points.

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