Sometimes, you will click on a new referral alert in a second or two, and you will receive a notice that the referral has already been claimed. This is because you are competing with other ReadyConnect Concierge agents to claim the referral, and there is at least one agent ranked above you in this particular dispatch queue.

An expired referral means the referral is no longer valid to be claimed. In that time, the referral may have dropped off the line or asked to be called back at a different time.

Here’s an example to illustrate this scenario:

The algorithm sends a referral alert to the first agent in the dispatch queue (“Agent 1”). Agent 1 has five seconds* before Agent 2 is also alerted about the referral. Agent 1 and Agent 2 are now competing to be the first to click-to-claim the alert and win the referral. Five seconds* later, Agent 3 receives the alert and is brought into the running.

Let’s say Agent 3 clicks-to-claim the referral alert three seconds after they receive it. At this point, the dispatch has been running for 13 seconds. Agent 1 has had the opportunity to click-to-claim for all 13 of those seconds, and Agent 2 has had the opportunity to click-to-claim for 8 of those 13 seconds.

At some point during the three seconds it took for Agent 3 to click the alert, either Agent 1 or Agent 2 got to the click and won the referral. So, even though Agent 3 was quick to claim, another agent had the advantage of the higher dispatch ranking and was able to get to the referral first.

*Note: The timeframe can vary on each dispatch. This timeframe was merely chosen for the sake of this example.

Although you didn’t win this particular dispatch, you did get credit for attempting to claim the referral. This gives your Claim Rate Metric a boost, which positively impacts how the algorithm ranks you in future dispatch queues. So, keep claiming those referral alerts—it pays off!

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