Your ReadyConnect Concierge (formerly Opcity) Score shows you how you’re doing across the five activities that affect your dispatch ranking, relative to competing agents in similar markets.

Agents are scored on a scale of 80 (lowest-performing) to 120 (highest-performing). Each agent starts with a score of 100 by default, and your score fluctuates from there based on your performance across the five success metrics* detailed below.

*Note: Your score is calculated based on ‘unlocked’ metrics only. Each metric has its own unlocking criteria, as specified below. Once a metric unlocks, it becomes a factor in your score from that point forward.

We encourage you to pay close attention to these metrics and follow best practices in each area to improve your standing in the algorithm and increase your competitive edge.

Take a look at the color of each metric to get a sense of where you currently stand and easily spot opportunities for improvement. The colors represent the following percentiles:

  • Orange: 0-9 percentile

  • Yellow: 10-29 percentile

  • Light Green: 30-69 percentile

  • Green: 70-89 percentile

  • Dark Green: 90-100 percentile

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