What is Workplace?

Workplace is our new communication and community hub, providing an extraordinary platform for collaboration, communication, organization, and learning. It's a safe space, created just for Real agents, brokers and staff, modeled on familiar Facebook features agents already know, use, and trust.

Will Workplace replace the Real app?

No. It will replace the current community feature within the app. This will allow us to scale, communicate more effectively, and stay organized as the company grows.

How will Workplace help us communicate?

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in our company, even if they're working remotely. We use familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms, and Live Video to get people talking, collaborating and working together. Real agents, brokers and staff have great ideas! Workplace gives everyone a voice to hear instant feedback through comments and reactions, gain input on decisions with polls and surveys, better understand our organization and departments, and bring company culture to life by celebrating the people that make up our company!

How do I join Workplace?

When you become a real agent, you will be sent a link to get set up on Workplace!

Is there a mobile app and a desktop version?

Yes, like Facebook there are native mobile apps, a mobile site and a desktop site.

Quick links to the mobile apps on the Apple and Google stores are: Workplace for iOS, Workplace for Android, Workplace Chat for iOS, Workplace Chat for Android

The native mobile apps offer the best experience, however if you’d prefer not to install the mobile app you can still use your mobile browser. Head to this address to sign-in: https://realbroker.workplace.com.

Do you have to create a personal Facebook account when you use Workplace?

No, Workplace is a completely separate product from personal Facebook. You don't need a personal Facebook account to sign up for Workplace and there are separate websites and apps for both.

How is this different from my personal Facebook account?

Workplace is a separate account that you use to collaborate with coworkers. Rather than having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your coworkers to be a part of relevant conversations.

Is the information from my personal account visible in my Workplace account?

No, your personal updates will not be included in Workplace, and nothing you share in your Workplace experience will show up in your personal Facebook experience.

Can Real Broker see my personal Facebook account?

No, Real Broker, LLC will not be able to access your personal account. Of course, if you post content publicly to your personal account, it is visible to anyone.

Is there a risk that someone might share something from their personal Facebook account to their Workplace account? Or alternatively, can someone accidentally share confidential work information from their Workplace account on their personal Facebook profile?

Posts made in a personal account are not visible in the Workplace account, and vice versa. Workplace and Facebook are different products and this distinction is supported by clear design so you can easily identify whether you are in your work account or your personal account. You don't even need a personal Facebook account to sign up for Workplace.

Who owns and controls the information my organization's Team Members create?

The data you and others put into Workplace belongs to Real Broker. Your administrators can modify, delete, or export it at any time via an administrative API.

What groups will I belong to?

Initially you will get enrolled into role- and zone-specific groups as well as some standard Groups, and will be able to share content with them as soon as you log on.

We suggest that you take the time when you first login to have a look at the other groups available that you might like to join. By joining these groups, you will be able to share information and knowledge with the wider team.

How do I join a group?

You can request to join groups that are relevant or of interest to you. Depending on the group membership settings for each group, your membership requests may require approval from existing group members or group admins.

Can I add people to a group?

You can add others into a group you are in. Depending on the membership setting for that group, your invite/add request may require approval from a group admin before the member is added to the group.

Can I make a general post like Facebook?

No, unlike Facebook, you will need to select which group you would like to post to. This ensures that your post reaches the right individuals.

Can I add photos or videos to posts?

Yes, you are able to post photos and videos to groups that you belong to. Please keep in mind your social media guidelines when doing so.

Can I send a message to one or just a few people?

Yes. To do this you will need to download the Workplace Chat App. This is the equivalent of Facebook Messenger and allows you to have group conversations and calls with staff and other agents.

Can everyone see what I post?

Only members that are part of your group will be able to see your posts. Posts to timeline will only be visible to those that follow you.

What happens if I follow another agent?

When you follow another agent you'll see their posts in your News Feed. You can follow other agents as well as the wider business. You'll only see posts that are public to the entire company or posted to groups you're a member of.

When another agent follows you, they'll see your public posts in their News Feed. If you post to a closed group, anyone following you will only see it if they're members of the group you posted to.

When you unfollow someone, you'll see fewer posts from them in your News Feed. You can reconnect with the agent that you unfollowed by following them again.

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