What are the benefits for listing on Nasdaq?

  • Listing on Nasdaq will allow you to realize the full potential of the equity you own in Real.

  • It will allow many investors (who’s funds do not have a mandate to invest in Canadian listed companies) to open positions, which may have a positive effect on the stock price.

  • The Nasdaq listing will create more liquidity in the stock and have a stronger stock currency overall.

  • Some analysts expect us to list on Nasdaq before they initiate coverage.

  • It will put us in a better position to acquire other companies that may be developing solutions that will benefit you and your clients.

What is Nasdaq requiring?

Nasdaq requires the share to trade above $4 for 5 business days before they approve the listing. We can wait for the stock price to reach $4 or do a share consolidation – which is a reverse split.

What is the plan?

In order to complete our listing on Nasdaq, it is our intention to do a 4:1 share consolidation (also called a “reverse split”) and then complete the listing. Doing a reverse split will allow us to comply with the Nasdaq $4/share requirement. After listing, Nasdaq doesn’t require the stock to trade above $4 and we then can look at different alternatives that may include doing a share split that will return things to where they were prior to the share consolidation.

What is a 4:1 reverse split?

In a 4:1 reverse split, every 4 shares you own become 1 that is valued at what the 4 shares you owned were valued. Think of it like having one dollar instead of four quarters.

Why are we doing this now?

Since taking Real public on the TSX-V, we said that we plan on uplisting to a major US exchange when the time comes. We now have an opportunity to do it and we need to capitalize on this opportunity.

What does this mean for me?

A reverse split means we technically reduce the number of issued and outstanding shares the company has. The reverse split has no impact on the value of your shares.

What will show in my Shareworks account?

The process will take a few weeks. During that time, your Shareworks account will be frozen from activity. Once the process is complete, your Shareworks account will reflect the accurate number of shares you own.

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