Real estate is all about building your business by developing your trade skills. Here’s a list of all the skills necessary to make this happen, divided our tip list into three categories; basics, intermediate and advanced. 

Before you go through all of these, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the Romans laid bricks over time. Consider every tip herein as one of your bricks. Consistent implementation of these marketing ideas will give you a leg up on your competition and pay real dividends to your business.

Build Your Personal Brand


1. Create a strong real estate agent bio and add it your app, your website and everywhere else you can add an agent profile online 

When prospects find you online you’ll want to convey them exactly what your professional qualifications are as well as an indication of your personality. Write a bio that leads with your experience, how you go about work, your values and finally your professional and personal interests. And remember as you change and grow so should your bio.

2. Take a great headshot

No ten-year-old photo taken at your brother’s wedding and no party selfies! You are a brand, so get a professional photo taken. It does matter and you deserve this. Your headshot should be friendly and professional. Local photographers are everywhere. Make sure they send you a variety of resolutions and sizes to use in different applications 

3. Define your brand

This is essential to determine up front in your career. Who are you as you relate to clients and give them a reason to select you instead of another agent. Take some time, discuss with friends, family and clients as they can often tell you more about yourself than you can yourself. 

4. Differentiate your value? 

‘Why you? That is the question you should strive to answer here. Spend some time thinking about what you bring to the table by identifying the unique characteristics that can distinguish you from other agents. We all have them. Just make certain you pitch your uniqueness in a manner communicates the benefit to new leads, existing clients and your entire sphere of influence.  Once you define your value proposition, include it in every marketing piece or online location where you are presented.  

5. Keep your profile updated everywhere 

Whether it's on your app, your online community, your website or on Facebook LinkedIn, Yelp,, Instagram, Zillow or Trulia, check and update your profile every time you have a transaction or change in your status. , Stay fresh, stay contemporary and let the world know you are actively engaged in your business. 

6. Hone your elevator pitch

Learn to convey your brand and value proposition conversationally in as short a time as it takes to elevator ride with a new prospect. Speaking much is much different than the written word so translate your brand and value proposition into a quick speech you can feel comfortable delivering verbally.  Don’t feel foolish as you practice and polish this mini-presentation to perfection in front of a mirror.   


7. Give swag

Everybody, and we mean everybody, loves swag. Old school branding swag like, pens, key chains, notepads, ear buds and a hundreds of other items upon which you print your name and contact information still work. Your customers will universally appreciate these small gifts. . There are many sites that make customization and ordering easy. is one of my old favorites, and is an up-and-comer. 

8. Ask for reviews

Online reviews are well considered by search engines and can have a huge impact on your personal brand, so don’t hesitate to ask your satisfied customers for kind words about you. You may have to take the time to guide them through the process and show them where to go online to find you in some instances. Make it easy for them as it’s worth the time. 

9. Get local, get involved

Be a constant presence in your community. This means attending local events, get-togethers, festivals and civic meetings where you have the ability to build one on one, face to face, good old fashioned hand shaking relationships.  These matter and seriously, remember to smile and tell everyone you’re a Realtor®. One of my favorite things to do is helping out a local animal shelter. 

10. Make sure your brand  is the same everywhere

Marketing your brand will benefit from consistency not only in applying the techniques but in the message and information presented.  New email? New address? New brokerage?  Search for yourself on the web and make sure  you are the same everywhere.  You may be amazed just how many locations online have outdated, inconsistent or contradictory information for you. There are host of sites out there, so make you register, login and take control of your information.   


11. Ask your best former clients for testimonials

From Trip Advisor to Yelp to Angie’s List, we live in a digital world filled with reviews. As agents, we should embrace this development. So don’t hesitate to ask past clients for reviews wherever they can be placed online. You may have to guide them to the right places, but take the time as these recommendations are invaluable. These opinions of YOU and feedback on your services across the web will give you brand power. 

12. Wrap your wheels

Getting a full vehicle wrap or other more minimal signage is still one of the most cost effective advertising mediums available to you. Think of the small cost of impression as you estimate just how many people in your community will see your vehicle over the course of a year. Plus they’ll always think you’re working even when you’re only driving for groceries. :)

13. Create a unique signature item or look

Many successful agents have worked to develop a unique look. Is it a feather plumed chapeau, oversized turquoise reading glasses, or bold colored, high necked, turtleneck sweaters which will define you? Whatever it is, be distinctive and have some fun with this aspect of your brand. You won’t be easily forgotten. :)   

Website, Blog and App


14. Make sure your website is mobile friendly with multiple search features

Over 50% of home searches are conducted on mobile devices and over 90% of all home searches are estimated to be conducted online in some fashion. You better be ready with a fully responsive (mobile / tablet friendly) website and a website which allows us customers to attack the search from various data points. 

15. Get a geographic based domain name

Most home seekers will not search for you online but rather but a geographic area, i.e. ‘Wilmington DE homes for sale’. Remember they don’t know you yet. You have a domain which includes your name only like ‘’ you’re missing some search engine bait. So why not consider a domain like ‘Wilmingtonhomes-PatricaSmith’. So take some time to secure a personal domain which showcase both yourself and the area in which you service.  If you concentrate your efforts on a neighborhood you may consider that geographic name as part of your domain as well. 

16. Splash your brand everywhere

Beyond our personal referral networks, agents live for leads so make it as easy as possible for prospects to find you everywhere online. Don’t simply have a contact form on your site but rather blast your name, phone, web domain, email and social media links everywhere on every page. 

17. Squeeze your leads

Many services abound for agents to create squeeze pages (Google ‘Agent Squeeze Pages’ and you’ll see what I mean). These lead capture forms are a great way to provide value back to a prospect with informational reports like ‘Free Neighborhood Report’ or ‘Free Home Value Report”, while simultaneously capturing their contact information. You can into these landing pages from ads offering your information package. Mailchimp is a good free tool for creating landing pages and building lists. For placing ads, focus on the social media channels your clients use, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

18. Social Media Sharing Buttons.

Don’t forget to include these everywhere as they can really help generate referral traffic and building the YOU brand online. This process should be easy for your website visitors so anyone can click them and share your content quickly with minimal effort. Many website themes carry these as standard, or you can opt to install a plug-in for your site.


19. Write and publish content on your blog regularly

Content creation by agents is a great to attract clients. And it’s a great way to display your market knowledge. These posts can be both general information about the industry or specific content about a neighborhood you work. These will increase the search engine optimization of your web site, FaceBook and the blog itself. Post on a regular schedule as this too is recognized by search engines. 

20. Post in different formats

We’re not all great and prolific writers so consider posts that are not only traditionally styled articles but in other formats as well. These posts can be shared ebooks, infographics ( and can help here) or as simple as uploading photos and videos. Variety will be appreciated by site visitors and lively up your blog!   

21. Create buyer and seller guides

Hey, you’re an agent and you know how this real estate thing works. So don’t hesitate to share your knowledge in written form. And if you don’t feel comfortable writing your own search the web a bit and you’ll find plenty of available resources including at  Most buyers and sellers are engaged in a transaction every seven years or so where you’re hopefully doing at least seven per year. You’re the expert, so let’s yours smarts shine.  When you have your guides completed, post on your website as other locations as downloadable .pdfs and save on your desktop or cloud storage to be sent as email attachments. Real offers buyer and seller guide template that you can customize. 

22. Get sneaky

Competitive Intelligence is not only legal it’s smart so make sure to spy on your competition. 

Make you regularly check in to review the online presences of your top competitors to make your keeping up with the pack. Klout and Kred are just two examples of influence-measuring tools you can use.  

23. Keywords in your content are still important

No keywords are dead. As meta-tags element yes, but not when then artfully interwoven in your site and blog content. Sure it’s hard to compete with the big portals and mega-brokers here so don’t. Consider using a secondary level set of keyword for your content with more specificity for the geographic areas and service your provide.  Use Google Keyword research tools which will help you identify a second tier of important keywords.     

24. Post testimonials upfront

We’ve discussed already how these are good as gold, so don’t bury them on a separate site page integrate these right into your homepage or blog sidebar. You worked hard to get these glowing recommendations so make certain they are seen.

25. Use original photos

Whether you’re handy with the shutter and lens yourself or you rely on royalty free stock images available online, don’t forget the photos.  Local photographers, too, will often allow use of their photos free of charge as long as they are watermarked with the photographer’s name etc. Visuals not only engage site visitors but clearly communicate the geographic areas you are actively working and identify you as a local expert.

26. Piggyback on the news of the day to create new content

Finding yourself too busy to create original content this week?  Post some content covering local news and then add something to the story from your own perspective. Makes you look smart and dialed in! Plus, posting properly accredited local news stories can help with search engines as well. Caution: Stay away from overheated political rhetoric!

27. Make use of sitemaps 

Make sure you submit your website's’ sitemap to Bing and Google (you can forget about the others).  This will make certain all your site pages are crawled and indexed. Your web site provider, platform or programmer may have already completed this task but double check as it’s really important.

28. Borrow away! 

Posting content from other sources is fast, free and totally OK as long as you credit the original source. So borrow away and then, like when you post local news, add your comments, thoughts and perspective on the post.  This, too, will make you look like the smart engaged local expert that you are. Just make sure certain you properly credit the source article. This article still has good guidelines on citing sources. 

29. Make your headlines go viral

Just Google ‘How to make your headlines go viral’ and you’ll get great advice on how to craft these important components of your posts. Don’t expect all your content work to go viral but you only need a home run here and there to raise your online profile. 

30. Amplify your posts

If you publish a blog post and no one reads it, does it exist? In Google’s estimation, probably not. Make sure your blog is seen and read by the people who’ve already shown support for your business. This includes your newsletter list, friends, family, notable bloggers you have relationships with, and social media followers.

31. Use Google analytics as your roadmap

This is your feedback loop folks. Track and measure what you’re doing with content, identify what works and repeat, repeat and repeat again.  If you don’t track and measure, you’re driving blind online and you may be surprised by the results as to what works and what doesn’t.


32. Be  an artist

Original art for your blog, website, and social media content will make your brand stand out. Not a natural artist? No problem. I love, it’s free and a very easy to use platform where you can create interesting banners, icons, images or humorous memes. Plus it has a resize / reformat feature which will automatically adjust your creation for different social media platforms. 

33. Set up dedicated landing pages for major pieces of content or events

If you’re offering up via advertising a significant content piece or event attendance, like an open house on a high value property, consider creating a landing page as a fulfillment destination.  This will increase the likelihood your visitors will take the action you’re seeking on your proposition. A landing page will focus the visitor on your download, RSVP response etc. Mailchimp, Unbounce and Leadpages are just some of the landing page tools available. 

34. Make guest posts on other popular blogs

Posting your content on other blog sites is helpful to raise your own profile especially if you select blog destinations which mirror the type of prospect leads you are trying to reach. This can be a very effective way to place YOU and your writing in front of a new and larger audience.

35. Offer your own app and create multiple micro-sites

Millennials, who are taking over the market, are mobile. If you want to reach them, offer your own app to provide listings, documents and a private chat forum. If your clients are more web-centric, consider developing a host of micro sites featuring both niche geographic areas in which you work or specialized services you offer. Real provides all agents with their own app. Tools like Squarespace make it easy to create microsites. 

36. Post your opinion everywhere

Thoughtful, well-written commentary in response to relevant posts on other sites is a great way to raise your professional profile.  Often, you can include your own blog or website domain as part of your response to expand your network’ reach and clout. I find Quora especially useful for posting comments. 

37. Give ‘em tools!

Be that helpful agent who provides their leads and clients checklists and documents which help them figure tally out all those expenses they’ll encounter before during and post sale. Money is always the central component in any transaction so acknowledge your understanding here. Most prospect and clients will have questions here so be the agent that helps them do the math.

Nurturing Leads & Clients


38. Handle your leads fast 

You’ve heard before but we’ll say it again, the speed and frequency of contact is essential for lead conversion. Respond in minutes and don’t stop reaching out on regular intervals via phone, text and email until they ‘cry uncle’. This works and you will up your conversion rates.

39. Stay in touch with useful information 

A lead who isn’t responding to multiple outreaches is not yet convinced you’re the right agent for them. What you do? Leave endless voicemail and send constant emails with the same message ... hey, can you call me back? No! Convince them you’re the right agent by sending them useful, timely information along with your requests for contact. These can be market data sheets, financing information, aforementioned buyers’ or sellers’ guides etc. Consider every lead as an opportunity to show off your expertise and you’ll get higher response rates.  

40. Define your target customer

Every customer type is not for you and vice a versa. Take some time identifying the characteristics of the client types with which you regularly have success. Then focus all your energies targeting like members of this group.  And then make you step outside this target group when opportunities arise as it will help you expand the types of group members with whom you can be successful.    


41. Make sure you are 100% mobile

So make certain your customer relationship manager (CRM) is always with you in a mobile app, and make sure your web based lead capture forms are connected to your CRM. Remember, response time is critical for lead conversion so if your lead form data is with you always.. 

42. Streamline communications with marketing automation

Leads on a longer sales timeframe still need to be nurtured, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose sleep trying to remember to stay in touch. Use marketing automation messages like drip emails to send communications they will like and supplement your personal communications.

43. Expand your CRM beyond names and numbers 

Each client is unique in terms of what they seek, can afford, dislike, love etc. Make sure you customize your CRM so that you can track their preferences. As you’re dealing with potentially hundreds of contacts there’s no better way to evaluate listings then search your CRM for matches in order to be able send out listing alerts.  

44. Schedule your clients professionally

Share your event calendar or scheduling app with your clients to keep it simple.

With busy schedules, scheduling the best time to meet and show can get complicated. So simply set up a shared calendar or mobile app where prospects / clients can view your availability and select a time when you’re both available. Better for you and your clients and you’ll impress as a real pro.


45. Send personalized gifts after a sale

Leave a lasting impression after papers are signed by sending gifts to clients like pizza dinners on their first night in the home, artist renderings of their new home, homeowner starter baskets, or host a welcome block party.  I’ve used to sends cards and gifts easily. It’s an MLM site but you don’t have to operate at that level to take advantage of the basic services.

46. Develop a referral system

Great past clients can drive referrals. Develop a system to encourage folks to let their network know about your services, with deals or freebies as incentives.  Remember, to always ask for referrals. You’ll be amazed at how many of your clients don’t realize how important this is for your business but are happy to help when asked.

47. Never say goodbye

Success in our business is a lifetime journey with your clients. Develop those long lasting relationships and get both repeat business and referrals. The best times to reach out after a sale are after the first month and then every year on the anniversary of their move. Send a card or make a call but never let them leave your sphere of influence. Services like allow you to put card sending on easy autopilot.

48. Podcast to attract new leads and impress clients

Broadcasting real estate advice online though a podcast hosted on ITunes will develop an audience which trusts and relies upon your expertise. Podcasts are a fairly straightforward, no frills approach to accomplish this. Here you showcase the YOU we’re always working to brand without being overwhelmed by production details.



49. Syndicate all your listings on every social media outlet

Listings on your website are great and it’s also amazing how well your MLS syndicates to just about every listing portal. Buy why stop there when you can let all your followers know about your listings uploading them to every social media site as well? If regular syndication is good then adding social media to tour listing mix is better. 

50. Cook up some great real estate listing copy

Great writing can make or break a listing’s potential. The bare minimum details won’t do the trick if you want to get the best leads and offers. Learn to write really dynamic listing copy with engaging adjectives and descriptions that entice readers. Caution: make sure you stay within the bounds of your state’s advertising regulations. 

51. Make your listings look their best

Encourage your clients to stage properties or stage themselves yourself especially before listing photos are taken. Then consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the best angles of every room.


52. Optimize your listing pages

You may need a little help here from your web site services provider, but don’t hesitate to ask. Keyword optimization using hyper local keywords, proper address formatting and right-sized photos will help your listing pages return in searches.

53. Feature a listing as a blog post

A listing specific blog can help build a specialized marketing campaign for a property beyond what other agents are doing. Here you have no limitations like those you may encounter with your MLS provider. Add an in depth descriptions, even more or larger photos a video walkabout, and other information (within legal compliance) to better present the property.  Then remember to optimize the listing, post those hyper local keywords, street address, neighborhood features, and property type keywords to attract organic traffic. Then remember to share!

54. Include your listings and others which you believe are attractive offers in your newsletter

Leverage email’s low cost by using your newsletter to promote your listings to existing clients and prospects. Keep it brief, maybe just a photo or two and property headline to entice as you can always link back to listing specific pages on your website. You can also advertise other listings beyond your own as long as you identify the listing broker.

55. Maximize your open house

Move beyond the MLS data sheet as your open house take-away (most people have trouble reading these anyway). You’ve taken the time and energy to host an open house so make sure visitors leave with something substantial in their hands. Consider a detailed booklet fully describing the property including a mockup of the floor plan (I like How about a data sheet comparing it to other neighborhood listings? They may not but this house but they will be sure to remember YOU.


56. Use the video cam in your pocket

Why stop at static photos with your listings. Heck everybody has those. Your smartphone is also a powerful video camera with editing features. Use it! Stand at the front door and record a panoramic sweep of the neighborhood. If you are marketing a very high end luxury property consider hiring a professional videographer. Your listing client will love you and you’ll increase the odds of capturing additional interested leads. Note: Real agents can use the “virtual tour” producer in your Real app to create an amazing virtual tour video. 

57. Develop listing boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is an often overlooked social media platform for real estate marketing. But do a little research and I’m certain you’ll agree your investment of time here will pay dividends. Images sell real estate and Pinterest is all about the pics!

58. Make that open house appear exclusive

Open houses are hard work absorb a lot of your time. So let’s work to maximum ROI here. Why not send a formal invitation to create some excitement. Then link that RSVP email to your dedicated property landing page with all the details. And make sure you send a ‘thank you’ when your prospects respond as it creates a sense of obligation to attend. 

59. Use those tech tools to up your listing presentation game

Google ‘Best Real Estate Listing Presentation Tools’ and enjoy the show. There are many free and low cost tools to really help you step out from the crowd. Compare these offering to what most agents are offering know and you can see easily you can shine.

Social Media


60. Social is now mandatory

Your brand should be everywhere as social media has become a strong and essential components of any type of marketing campaign and referral traffic. Facebook, Google Plus Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, SlideShare and even Vine should be used. Why not? These are free! And try and standardize your brand with identical usernames on all platforms.  Even if you’re not ready to execute on all platforms, lock up those branded account names and tuck them away for use later when you’re ready. 

61. Bend your bio a bit

Earlier we discussed a standard and well written bio to be employed everywhere. Here, we break the rules a bit as these social sites are a bit different and often less formal than traditional web marketing sites. Look at the site and ‘feel its vibe’ and then bend your bio a bit to match the site’s overall tone.  

62. Ask and so shall you receive 

Hey there’s nothing wrong with priming the pump a bit by asking your friends and family for likes and follows on your social media pages. You have to start somewhere, usually at zero in this regard, so jumpstart your SM presence by asking those you know to give you a boost.

63. Post regularly

With social media, you’ll only get out of it what you put into it. Successful agents are consistently posting to build their presence and their number of followers. Even consider daily 

64. Don’t forget your Google My Business account

Once again it’s free and we all need Google to love us! Nuff said! Here’s the link … 


65. Automate your social media posts

Social media can consume a lot of time so to help with these tasks automate some of your posts using a social media scheduler. This way you can lay out an entire week or so of posts in advance. has a nice free plan to start with so check it out, and Buffer is good as well

66. Rub shoulders with influencers

You can gain a considerable knowledge from other successful marketers and movers and shakers in our industry. Most are easily approached as networking is what they are good at so don’t be shy. You can potentially amplify the YOU brand through association. Work with them as you can to leverage your message with their established followers. Begin by worshipping them :), then share their content, develop a dialogue and ask them to share some of your content. You may just be able ride their coattails to fame and fortune.

67. Showcase your video

Become the star of your own show with Video. Agents are not known for being shy,  so have some fun creating and uploading videos showcasing your vast knowledge about your business . Give advice, helpful tips, showcase your listings and remember more is better on you YouTube channel. Remember Google owns YouTube and you need Google to love YOU. 

68. Have some fun with Slideshare, Issuu or Prezi

Multimedia presentations are fun to create so check out Plus posting your presentations on their site will create additional exposure. Search real estate on the slideshare site and see what others are producing.   

69. Add buttons galore

Put them everywhere. You’ve worked hard on developing your clout on these social media platforms so make them easy to access. Web pages, email footers, cross platform linking and so on. Place them everywhere!


70. Try Twitter 

There’s room for Twitter in the mix as it can be still a great platform to engage with influencers, same tier professionals and leads. Follow the major industry hashtags and ENGAGE! And when you’re ready to step up, consider hosting your own chat. You’ll need to promote though through all your other channels like any other aspect of the YOU brand.

71. Start or join an existing group and promote yourself as a thought leader

There exist discussion groups within social media platforms. Start networking with these and express yourself. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to create your own as it can develop into a great platform for you to promote the YOU brand.

72. Start a contest

So develop and run a contest / giveaway on social media. Make sure you stay within your state’s law governing these and then have fun generating leads from your contestants. Your ultimate prize can be very low cost but you will still develop a list of sign ups because who doesn’t like to win? When it works once, then do it again, and again.Contests can be an effective way to generate leads. Use social media to host a contest, and offer a prize, like a gift card to a local business or a free consultation.

73. Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn publisher’s platform allows anyone to create and post articles. With almost 300 million users there’s a good chance someone will enjoy your well crafted post.  You already have articles you’ve created for other online locations so get some up here as well. 



74. Make sure your email subscribe form is everywhere possible

To have real impact, over time you’ll need to develop a sizable mailing list. Include an impactful call to action or giveaway to increase signup rates. Then make certain you send out your newsletter on a regular basis.  

75.  Don’t forget the footer

How many emails do you send each day, each month or over the course of a year? Think of your signature footer as a mini billboard.  Take advantage of the many impressions your footer will receive and include all of your important contact information and brand links.

76. Use responsive design 

Seems simple but make certain your newsletter template with responsive design enabling to be viewed on all devices. Then after you’ve confirmed this take the time to actually view it yourself on different devices. You may find it still may require a few tweaks. Your newsletter is an important part of your brand brand; you’ll want it to be perfect. 

77.  Use words to entice

Email open rates can live and die by the headline subject line. Spend some time crafting a few different approaches do some small subset test sends and make sure you track the efficacy of each. Once you’ve narrowed it down to your best use that subject headline for your complete list.

78. Call them by their name

Think about how you respond yourself was correspondence is personalized for you. It’s a proven fact that it does make a difference by increasing response rates. So don’t look past this important aspect of campaigning.


79. Tiny Letter, Big Impact

MailChimp offers a free newsletter service call TinyLetter for smaller lists. It’s very basic and can be a perfect tool for agents who may not require all the functionality and reporting feature of a full blown newsletter product like MailChimp. Check it out and send out your first TinyLetter to your clients in no time at all.    

80. As your list grows, split it up

When you begin your email marketing campaigns, a simple generic message is and content will suffice. But as your database grows, segment it into distinct recipient groups. Consider lifestyle, age, and economic standing to consider customizing your content to appeal to these different groups. What about first time home buyers? Would we want to send the same message to them as we would retirees?

81. Learn the art of storyteller

Facts are fine and have their place in providing your clients with important information. But don’t forget emotion and storytelling can further interest and engage your clients and provide you an opportunity to make a real connection. And don’t forget to ask for feedback as you want to create a never ending dialogue with sphere of influence.

82. Maximize your email power with auto-responders and preformatted ‘thank-you responses

Let’s face it; we’re not always as available as we’d like to be for our clients. So make you take full advantage of the capabilities built in to most email platforms by pre-formatting responses to incoming client email. Let them know their email is received, that it is important to you and that you will respond. Then make sure you respond!   


83. Communicate value with your signup form

This can be accomplished by creating a dedicated landing page for your newsletter sign up. 

Here you can tout all the great content they’ll be receiving, offer links to past editions and make that all important call to action. Your sign ups will increase. 

84. Develop an email ‘tip of the week’

Most of your lead base are probably experiencing the same obstacles and have similar questions and concerns. Here you can keep it brief, so offer this up as an additional supplemental correspondence to your prospects. You will be considered a well regarded professional resource for these leads in not time. 

Online Advertising


85. Dive in and learn

Whether it’s advertising on search engines or on the various social media platforms, take some time to become familiar with the basics of each approach.  This information is easy to find online and it’s essential to have an understanding of prospect targeting, budgeting, pricing and campaign management

86. Find  your bulls-eye

We talked about defining and targeting your prospects earlier and here is where this becomes essential. You’ll need to identify the right keywords for which to advertise for as well as the type of customer you’re chasing.  Your bulls-eye will be used to establish your campaign parameters. 

87. Vary your ad copy

Different platforms have different space limitations so your ad copy will vary by location. Just remember to state your value proposition and end with a call to action. And importantly, write different ads and test and track for effectiveness.  Don’t get stale as always create new copy to see if you can best your current ‘winning’ copy. 


88. Get a vendor 

Once you really dive into online advertising you’ll want to consider hiring a vendor for setting up, monitoring, and tracking advertising your advertising campaigns as these can really take a lot of time and maybe more experience or knowledge than you’ll want to acquire.  There’s plenty out there so make sure and shop around.  

89. Budget yourself 

Know and learn the factors that will impact your spending in this area. Is your market seasonal? How are the overall macro market conditions? Should you match your budget to your recent sales activity? Ask yourself these questions then calculate the RIO you will need to make the investment in online advertising profitable when matched against expected commissions.

90. Use social media

Social media advertising is great for getting your in front of your already defined and targeted users. All the major platforms line Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are great at segmenting and micro-targeting.  


91. Don’t forget the graphics 

Ye strong copy sells but visuals draw the eye to that strong copy.  If you’re not comfortable designing hire a pro and remember video works here too! 

92. Well read newsletters work too 

Search the web for popular relevant consumer newsletters. These have the ability to get your ad in front of thousands or eyeballs. Here though, you may find at first the costs are prohibitive.  Don’t despair as there are plenty of localized newsletters with relevant audiences which will prove more affordable.    .
93. Again, the landing page

Simply directing the ad clicker to your website or FaceBook page will have limited impact when compared to matching the content and call to action contained in your ad to a fulfillment page connected to the ad.


94. Partner up with local businesses

Get to know the local business people in your community. They will respect your self promotion efforts and are usually amenable to placing your business card, flyer etc. at their desk or bulletin board. If you need suggestions, search on Yelp in your community. 

95. Sponsor a local event

Opportunities abound here. They are usually low cost and can be fun to attend. As a sponsor you’ll typically have special access to seating and event access which will allow you to spend your time at the event as one big meet and greet. Local event promoters, churches, schools, and local sports teams are always seeking sponsors to help with costs.

96. Advertise in local media

Sounds simple, but in the digital age we often overlook these traditional media outlets that were once our only options for getting the word out.  Revisit these again selectively and measure your results. And remember the more hyper local they are the better results will typically be. 

97. Consider a tiny personal billboard 

Get a name tag with your name, company affiliation and the Realtor logo emblazoned across it and where it everywhere. So simple to do, but so few agents engage in this easy, low cost self promotion effort. You’ll be surprised how many conversations are struck up based on your tag. And according to NAR’s annual survey of home buyers and sellers 66% of customers ending up working with the first agent contact they have. Think about that for a moment. Caution: If you’re running out at midnight for a pint of Ben & Jerry in pajamas and grenade hair, you may just want to keep the tag on your dresser.    

98. Tip well 

How many interactions do you have annually with wait staff or bartenders? Imagine now how you can compound your sphere of influence by leaving your business card in every check presenter.  Leave an uplifting personal note as well and, in goes without saying, don’t leave a crummy tip!   


99. Go for a walk with a handful of door hangers

Yup, what better way to promote your business and get some exercise! These work too especially when you craft the hanger message that you are a local expert.  You’re so local that you even touched their door knob. It doesn’t get more local than this folks and the residents of the area you cover will perceive you are one of them.   

100. Create a physical high-quality mailer

Mailers can help get listings and your brand in the hands of everyone in your community. Use high-gloss paper and sophisticated design to generate a great mailer for your area. For postcards, take a look at Real They print, address and mail for you at a good price. Direct mail still works!

101. Write a local real estate column

These days in terms of length, a newspaper article is a kin to longer blog post. So no sweat you can handle this.  So approach your local media outlets and offer your services. You’ll be able to present your knowledge to a local audience and build name recognition in your community. If prefer chatting it up take the same approach with a localized radio show. You’ll be surprised how many media outlets are looking for and eager to work with content providers like yourself.

102. Up your sponsorship game

Get imaginative with those local sponsorships: Consider sponsoring anything you can get your name printed on! How about beer mugs at a local tap? Local litter cleanup programs often have adopt a highway signs for exposure. Just look around and imagine YOU emblazoned on something and make the offer!

103. Run a top notch open house

Develop open houses where you can interact closely with local leads and provide intimate walk-thrus. Make sure the house is staged well, and provide lots of snacks, packets about the property, and free swag with your company logo. Collect information via a sign in sheet for attendees or many of the great and free open house apps available on ITunes and Google Play. Make sure you follow up with leads the day after your event.


104. Develop a marketing niche with a group in your community

You can’t make everyone happy, but you can make a niche group very happy and willing to work with you, and be able to target your most qualified leads for a better return on your marketing. Find a niche group or two or three whose mission or interest you can identify with and become an active member so you can become their go-to TOMA agent.

105. Use custom banners, balloons, and signs to advertise your open house

Build that YOU brand recognition each time you host an open house. Customized signage and all the extras work and for the most part are re-usable form event to event so your investment can be spread across multiple events. And don’t forget the YOU branded swag! 

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