MLS (Multiple Listing Service) membership is not required for our firm. By and large, if you have membership with or want membership with an MLS, your broker must also be a member and establish an office at that MLS for your membership to be under.

Not sure if your broker is a member? You can ask the Support Team and we will research it for you and let you know.

Currently a member and need to have your office transferred? We want your transfer to our firm to be super smooth and simple. We manage over 200 memberships between 4 brokers across the nation. So that we can maintain our sanity, we don't keep the transfer paperwork and process for every MLS. We encourage you to reach out to your MLS to acquire the forms required to transfer you. If you're obtaining new membership, find out the process required. If a form needs to be filled and signed by your broker, please fill out all of the form that you can and send to Support so we can get the broker signature and any other items filled that you may not know..

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