With the new profile features in the Real app, it’s even easier to make sure your online presence is in top form. 

Now, when you tap My Profile and Profile Strength, you’ll see a list of all the sections you can fill out to increase your profile strength score.

The profile strength changes automatically when you add fields, which are weighted by priority. For instance the most important fields are: 

  1. Image - Real will approve your image to help make sure it's optimal

  2. Website - generate your custom website

  3. Add Facebook - connect your Facebook page

To reach a score of 100%, make sure you fill in all of the fields because all of the fields, (except My Tools) will be automatically be visible to your clients in their client app and soon, on your website. 

Even though the My Tools section isn’t publicly visible, it’s the most important section for your marketing and productivity. Here’s what’s there: 

  • Real ID is for support and it’s how leads from external platforms like Zillow get routed to your Real app CRM 

  • My App Link the personal link that you can use to invite clients to your app

  • My Dotloop Account is where you go to activate Dotloop.

Later this year, we will connect more lead sources to the CRM, but you’ll have to have your social networks integrated with the app, so start today!

P.S. As always, please feel free to share feedback of your experience; your feedback helps set the new feature priorities.

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